Charles King, Owner of Athol Fugard’s House in Nieu-Bethesda, Joins Smear Campaign to Stop Children Being Fed

  • Paul Waugh of Lighthouse Global recently stood up against racist, deplorable abuses in the town of Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa.
  • Mr Waugh was residing in the former home of anti-apartheid South African activist and playwright, Athol Fugard, owned by Charles King.
  • Mr King, a journalism lecturer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, initially supported Paul’s stand against this injustice.
  • However, Mr King tried to deceive Paul and take advantage of him financially.
  • Instead of taking responsibility, Mr King has tried to demonise Paul Waugh and sabotage his efforts to help the children of Nieu-Bethesda.
  • This post exposes Charles King’s harassment of Paul Waugh, and how he is now attempting to sabotage Paul Waugh’s efforts to protect and support innocent children.
  • (Some names of individuals have been redacted for their protection).

Mr King’s lawyers have recently been in contact with Paul Waugh, stating that they are not representing Charles King anymore regarding this matter.

Attacked and Betrayed for Helping Children

“Athol would have loved this!”

Those are the words of Paul Waugh’s former landlord, Charles King, when he found out about the good and noble work Mr Waugh was taking on at great risk to himself, to confront and expose the racist tyrants depriving black and coloured (an official ethnic term and group in South Africa) children of basic food and education, in the town of Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa. 

Mr King was referencing South African playwright, Athol Fugard, the previous owner of the house Mr Waugh was staying at. Fugard spent most of his career vehemently against the abuse of children and the racist treatment toward black people. Like Mr King, most people like the idea of supporting the vulnerable, as long as there is no risk to themselves or personal sacrifice they need to make. How many of us claim we are caring people – except when it comes down to us taking responsibility and making a real sacrifice of time, effort, money and our own security. 

Mr King was happy to cheer Mr Waugh on from afar. He loved the romanticism of owning South Africa’s most prolific anti-apartheid playwright’s house, until his duplicitous character was revealed – as is detailed in the letter to his lawyer below.

“The Playwright’s House”, in Nieu Bethesda, owned by Charles King

Mr King had himself previously lived in The Playwright’s House, but could only stay there for a very short period, because of the sheer toxicity in the townspeople around him!

As you’ll see below, Mr King was highly supportive of the efforts made by Paul Waugh and Chris Nash, a fellow director at Lighthouse Global, who was also staying with Mr Waugh at the time.

However, once Chris and Paul realised they were facing life-threatening danger from some of the local residents of Nieu-Bethesda, they left the town in the middle of the night under torchlight. Despite his prior stated support, Charles King refused to give back their rental deposit! This is money that Mr Waugh directly told Mr King, that would be used to support the children of Nieu-Bethesda and other local residents who support them.

Conflict of Interests: Putting Money Before The Safety of Children

Tragically and once again, this all comes down to money and selfishness. We suspect that Mr King had spent the deposit, and rather than admit his potential wrongdoing and apologise to Mr Waugh and Mr Nash, he has sought to demonise, defame and attack them instead, claiming that they refused to go through the FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) process to verify their financial and residential status. Mr King knows this is just a petty, false, and malicious attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the money he owes Paul Waugh.

Let’s just take a step back for a second. Paul Waugh sought solace in Nieu Bethesda, he wasn’t looking for any trouble. He unwittingly exposed the disgusting racist abuse of children in the town. His crime? He tried to feed them! He tried to look after them and get them what they needed. Not only was he attacked, threatened and forced to leave town by some of the locals, now someone who said they were supporting him, is trying to extort money from him, ruin his reputation and sabotage his work?! This isn’t about Paul, this is about the selfishness and the bizarre mindset of so many people wilfully and actively getting in the way of taking care of children because their primary motive is to just focus on their selfish desires. 

This is a common trend we have experienced at Lighthouse Global, be they clients, family members of clients, or landlords who take full advantage of our kindness and generosity, when they realise they cannot lie and get away with their wrongdoing, they try to attack, defame and destroy. And who always suffers the consequences? It’s always, always, children.

Athol Fugard with his wife, Sheila in 1992, at their former home in Nieu-Bethesda, where Paul Waugh launched his feeding-program from this year.

Holding Predatory Cowards Accountable to the Law.

Anyone who tries to get in the way of protecting children, directly or indirectly, must know there will be criminal, civil and public consequences. We at Lighthouse Global are making this very much known for the public to hear because this is absolutely in the public interest! In response to this unprovoked and unwarranted attack, Mr Waugh addressed Mr King’s lawyers, making it very clear that he will be held accountable to the full extent of the law…

 Mr Light,

I am writing to you in relation to your client Charles King who I am now holding criminally and civilly accountable for spreading malicious falsehoods about myself, Paul Stephen Waugh and my business partner Chris Nash and for refusing to return the deposit of R12,000 I paid for The Playwright’s House, 1 Immelmann Street, Nieu-Bethesda. 

We have had numerous sources reveal to us that Mr King has been complicit in slandering both Mr Nash and myself by stating that the reason that we left Nieu-Bethesda suddenly was because we didn’t want to go through the FICA process with yourselves because we were fugitives on the run from the authorities. This has no basis in reality and is provably false as detailed in this police report where I reported Peet, Elbé and Niki van Heerden to Colonel Mpanza and Colonel Abrahams for harassment, slander and racism. I also encouraged the police to verify my innocence with every criminal justice body globally from Interpol to Scotland Yard. 

No one who is trying to evade the police would make a report to the police as I have with all of my personal details attached including my full name, phone number and location. The police have confirmed that I am not sought by them for any crimes. The real reason that we left Nieu-Bethesda suddenly was because we were informed by a variety of sources that our lives were under threat by staying there, especially considering one of the people that I reported to the police, Peet van Heerden, was found to have a hoard of illegal ammunition for assault rifles when his farm was raided by the police. As can be seen from my report to the police, which has been validated by numerous sources since, we were being stalked, harassed and slandered and our lives were under serious threat because we were exposing the deeply entrenched apartheid racism that still strongly exists within the white NG Kerk contingent within Nieu-Bethesda.  

The truth is always the best defence in any legal case and in this case, Mr Waugh has stood by the truth with the evidence to back up how he is holding Mr King accountable…

On 6th February 2024, despite numerous attempts to contact Mr King over the previous week there was an almost complete lack of response from him, he then said that he would not be returning my deposit and then blocked Chris Nash from communicating with him.

Paul Waugh working at Athol Fugard’s former home, before his brief stay was abruptly ended.

Paul Waugh has also made it very clear as to how he is holding Mr King accountable for his lies, attempted theft of the rental deposit, as well as his harassment and attempted defamation of Mr Waugh and Mr Nash…

I am in the process of taking the following action in relation to Mr King. I will be including your personal names as well as your law firm in the below reports and posts because you are representing Mr King.

– In line with my previous police report to Colonel Mpanza and Colonel Abrahams I am in the process of informing them that along with Peet, Elbé and Niki van Heerden, Mr King has been involved in slandering myself and Mr Nash. We will be creating a post on our Nieu-Bethesda Atrocities site ( dedicated to Mr King’s attempts to destroy my reputation as a means of justifying him not paying my deposit which is due to be returned to me. I will also be warning those who might consider staying at Mr King’s accommodation by posting all of the information we have about the dangers of those who live in the village and how duplicitous he is.

If you, or anyone you know is suffering under the hands of someone abusing their position in society – whether that’s a parent, a government official, a teacher, a journalist etc – everyone is first and foremost accountable to God, and secondly to the laws of this world, as Peet, Niki and Elbé van Heerdon are learning.

This is exactly why we have launched the David vs Goliath global groundswell. To help the everyday man, woman and family, stand together in strength and hold these Goliaths fully accountable. We hope and pray that they reform through realising the devastating consequences of their actions. May God help us to realise there are eternal consequences for all the choices we make in life.

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