Paul Waugh Tried To Help Children & Families Desperate for Food. The Last Thing He Expected Was To Be Attacked For It.

Warning: strong language contained in this post


Over the last few days, since this website went live, we have had overwhelming support from the township’s residents who have been marginalised for many years. This has also caused a hateful backlash by those who want this abuse to continue! Through this post and others we are exposing these perpetrators to the public.

No longer will these abusers be able to hide anonymously online.

Below is one email we received in response to our appeal to support the deprived and starving children of Nieu-Bethesda.

This is the reality of the chronic, dark trend that Paul Waugh, the Founder of Lighthouse Global, has discovered over decades of serving people:

When you go out of your way to help vulnerable people, their oppressors and abusers will attack, hate and try to destroy you.

This is one of the major reasons why more people stand by and allow evil to happen in this ungodly world, because they know they will be attacked for exposing evil through their service. Paul Waugh has now publicly exposed a town where some guesthouses hold a sign that says:

“Don’t feed the children”.

These signs are specifically regarding black and coloured (an official ethnic term and group in South Africa) children from the township extension of Pienaarsig. They are heartbreakingly shocking and utterly inhumane. Even prisoners of war were fed while held captive! While they may not have been fed much, they still did receive food from their captors. Very rarely would you have officers actively telling each other to not feed their prisoners; they needed them to do a job. They didn’t not feed them! This is how barbaric this situation is.

And while there are some good people in Nieu-Bethesda, who don’t support this, a minority of hateful individuals are trying to justify and deny the racist abuse of non-white children there. Below is one such comment:

No doubt, where there is extreme poverty, there will always be people abusing drugs, turning to violence and crime to get what they need. Logically, however, this simply cannot be applied to the whole population of Pienaarsig. Paul Waugh and Lighthouse Global Director Chris Nash, have both personally gotten to know some of the locals who genuinely want to work hard, earn money, provide for their families and build their lives. They are not looking for handouts. Both they and Paul Waugh know the solution cannot be found in short-term fixes but in long-term, systemic change. This is exactly why we are bringing the situation in Nieu-Bethesda to the attention of the rest of the world, including the media… the comment reads: 

“What needs to be taken into account, NB specifically Pienaarsig is well known for drug and alcohol abuse. These children and women are sent to beg, what ever is given to them they sell off to further fuel their addictions. There has many attempts in the past to assist with rehabilitation programs, never successful as the Pienaarsig locals prefer to take to drugs and alcohol. If they can’t get it, they break into houses holding town folk up by knives/guns and beat up the elderly to plunder for alcohol. The social challenge in this town should not be addressed with food parcels. Those of working age, either don’t want to work; or can’t due to intoxication. Understand the full social dilemma prior to jumping to conclusions.”

“They are absolutely terrified of the truth, terrified of Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life, and they are terrified of us, who despite our own sin, stand for that truth.”

– Paul Waugh 

Whilst being in Nieu-Bethesda, Paul Waugh and Chris Nash have seen 4-year-old starving children with their ribs sticking out who aren’t drug addicts and must be fed! They met children who were desperate for pens and paper because they wanted to learn and be educated! These are not children trying to con people out of money for drugs… and to whatever degree addiction is an issue, the cycle of starvation and addiction is not going to be broken by ignoring children in desperate need!

How many of us know the chronic problems that surround us, yet either choose to, or feel that we cannot do anything about them? Whether it’s children being abused, chronic drug abuse, or poverty driving families to crime, how often do we end up saying ‘no’ in our heads and walking away? What this comment is showing us all, is how quick we can be to point a finger and to label the problem. Whether we’re right or not, when it comes to problems, most will just leave things there, rather than seek to be part of the solution.

Why is this person not telling us about the solutions he’s come up with for this longstanding problem, or at least suggesting some? Is he happy with the situation? Is he ok with it? Is he that inhumane that he has given up all hope on those children? It is a well known fact to the locals of Nieu Bethesda itself, that there are a number of the white residents who struggle with drinking problems. In fact, every single one of us struggles or has struggled with some form of addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, social media, smoking, caffeine or even sugar. How can any of us point the finger and say that someone else is worse than us, given the challenges we each go through?

Members of the grand local church, with seats for up to 700 people, have lamented that their church is almost empty on a Sunday… but if it was good enough for Christ himself to sit and dine with prostitutes, Jewish tax collectors, thieves and all kinds of sinners, then what exactly is the local church doing about all of these boys and girls mentioned who are falling into sin? Where is the Christian compassion, kindness and love for them, their neighbours? 

This kind of abuse – and subsequent denial of such abuse – is the very reason why we have launched this campaign and why we have established the David vs Goliath global project; because men, women and children in vulnerable circumstances are suffering under the chronic tyranny of abusive people and authorities.

Don’t be part of the silent majority. Tyrants are bullies and cowards and always back down when they are truly held accountable.

Register your details below to be part of the Global Groundswell uniting millions of people to use our skills, resources, time and care to hold this tyranny accountable, starting in Nieu Bethesda.

Share this post with other people you believe care about the safety of our children, even if that’s just one more, we need as many good caring people to hear about this. We are not looking for handouts but rather the time and care of individuals.

We are also inviting the world’s media to visit Nieu-Bethesda to come and witness for themselves the atrocities that are happening and to support the creation of local soup kitchens, school supply programmes and more. We are ensuring this story gets out to the world and that the atrocious and despicable truth of the events here is known worldwide.

Below is a video with a fitting final lesson on Christian kindness and benevolence that can serve to help inspire and educate us all.  

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