Elbé van Heerden – Freelance Journalist

In This Post You Will Discover:

  • How those working in media will seek to use their connections and influence to pursue personal agendas and seek to defame others’ characters.
  • When a media organisation is presented with the truth that will expose the malicious intentions behind a story, it has the opportunity to present the truth or wilfully defend malicious falsehoods. 

Elbé van Heerden is a freelance journalist whose family is maintaining what can only be described as the last outpost of South African apartheid in Nieu-Bethesda. Elbé van Heerden has harassed and sought to intimidate Lighthouse Global Founder, Paul Waugh, following his attempts to feed starving children and their parents in the local non-white community. 

In addition to slandering Paul Waugh in the village, Elbé van Heerden has also sought to use her media connections in an attempt to defame him in the South Africa media and thereby falsely vilify him. The reason for this vilification being to stop him from exposing the reality of what is happening in Nieu-Bethesda and to keep the truth of her racist hatred hidden. We have discovered that Elbé van Heerden has connections at a senior level of the leading South African media company, Media24, through the company’s General Manager for English & Afrikaans News, Justin Langeveld. 

Therefore, in order to make Justin Langeveld aware of the truth behind any stories Elbé van Heerden is feeding Media 24 about Paul Waugh, we wrote to Justin Langeveld and several members of the Executive Management team. This was to both warn and inform them of Media24 now being associated with racist oppression in Nieu-Bethesda through Ms van Heerden and of their responsibilities.

Lighthouse Global Senior Partner Reports Elbe van Heerden to Media24’s Executives

The Following individuals at Media24 have been contacted: 

ATTN: Justin Langeveld, General Manager: English & Afrikaans News


  • Ishmet Davidson, Chief Executive Officer
  • Shelagh Goodwin, General Manager: Human Resources
  • Tobie Vermeulen, Chief Information Officer
  • Raj Lalbahadur, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lurica Jacquet, Company Secretary
  • Minette Ferreira, General Manager: Community News & Lifestyle
  • Su-Anne van der Merwe, General Counsel

Correspondance with Media24 Executives

Dear Justin 

I am writing to let you know that Media24 is being associated with racist atrocities in the small village of Nieu-Bethesda and this is due to be made known to a global audience. We know this may come as a bit of a shock, but the reason behind this is due to your personal connection with Elbé van Heerden. We have first-hand knowledge that Ms van Heerden is playing a highly influential role in both maintaining racist oppression in the village, whilst harassing those who seek to ensure starving non-white children are being fed and better educated. I attach our press release that is now being sent to media agencies across South Africa and the globe. 

These atrocities were discovered by Lighthouse Global Founder, Paul Waugh, who recently moved to Nieu-Bethesda where he met and has interacted with Ms van Heerden on several occasions. Whilst spending time in Nieu-Bethesda he personally witnessed evil acts of segregation, which he shockingly noted is worse than any of his experiences growing up in Apartheid South Africa. 

When white residents of the village saw Mr Waugh was feeding starving children, he was almost immediately slandered by local members of the van Heerden family, including Elbé van Heerden’s father, Peet van Heerden, who himself claims to be the unofficial mayor of the village. Mr Waugh has since been stalked, threatened and harassed by the family as they made wild accusations of him being a fugitive on the run in their attempts to discredit his humanitarian efforts and expose the racist oppression in Nieu-Bethesda. 

These accusations of Mr Waugh are so palpably false that in his report to the police he has asked the officers to check Interpol records for any trace of criminal wrongdoing in regards to himself. This being to show proof of his innocence and non-criminal status.

In further attempts to discredit Paul Waugh and his efforts to end the racial segregation and devastating impacts on children, we have ascertained that Elbé van Heerden has used her media contacts in efforts to defame him through the South African press. This we understand is starting with Huisgenoot and YOU magazines that are owned by Media24 and who are ultimately responsible for what they choose to publish.

Both the timing of a Media24 journalist, Carla Coetzee, fishing for information about Lighthouse Global on Reddit and your own personal connection with Elbé van Heerden is highly suspect. So much so that it leads us to strongly believe that you are (knowingly or not) supporting white dominance in what can only be described as the last outpost of South African Apartheid. 

Paul Waugh and the rest of us at Lighthouse Global are no strangers to being attacked for helping people. We have endured a relentless 3-year smear campaign which has led to persistently abusive hate speech and libel on Reddit, lies to the British press and the weaponisation of government agencies against us. Amongst the people behind these attacks are bitter ex-clients illegitimately seeking undue refunds, controlling and coercive family members looking to hide their abuses along with other predatory trolls. When we help the oppressed, their oppressors step forward to attack us… every single time.

As Christians at Lighthouse Global we stand for truth and are holding our assailants accountable to their malicious falsehoods and deception. We are doing so as part of the David vs Goliath Showdown that will feature real facts and real evidence, all presented live and in real time to the court of public opinion. The atrocities in Nieu-Bethesda will now be added to and profiled as a case for David vs Goliath to ensure the horrendous and unnecessary suffering, particularly of children, comes to an end there as immediately as possible. We at Lighthouse Global plan to put the village of Nieu-Bethesda firmly on the map, as an example to the world and a rallying call against tyranny. 

As stated at the start of this communication, we will be broadcasting David vs Goliath to a global audience. This will not only feature individuals and groups, but the organisations that support these oppressive individuals and groups. Therefore we will be profiling Media24’s connection to and support of Elbé van Heerden and the acts of sheer human evil she is involved in committing. We pray that we can work with you to showcase an inspiring example of repentance, regeneration and restoration amongst the van Heerdens and the population of Nieu-Bethesda as a whole. Ultimately we pray and hope for the best outcome for all, regardless of your involvement in addressing this matter and the necessary protection of human rights and the dignity of the vulnerable.

We’ll be publishing your response to us, including any non-response, highlighting that Media24 is either actively supporting racists and their evil acts or working with us to condemn them and bring about reform. In your conduct and your response to this call to action, we implore you to live Media24’s values of courage, integrity, accountability and respect.

Yours sincerely 

Kris Deichler

Having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame. – 1 Peter 3:16

The legacy media works on lies and deception 

Our experience at Lighthouse Global with the likes of the Daily Mail and the BBC in the British media have experientially taught us that today’s media institutions are not dedicated to truth. We have seen that subjectively sensationalised stories are what drive media coverage far more than objective reality and truth because fictionalised (partly or in whole) and sensationalised stories make more money. Therefore, hateful individuals like Elbé van Heerden can and do seek to weaponise the media to cover their own evil acts and wrongdoing.

We need a global groundswell to stand up to media lies and deception 

This is why we need to build a global groundswell, because the legacy media will only listen to the court of public opinion if a large enough body of people will hold them accountable. We need conscientious, truth-seeking individuals to come together to stand up to media lies and deception. We are doing this through the David vs Goliath Showdown Live. You can register to learn more using the form below.

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