30 Years On: The Hidden Atrocities of Apartheid Still Rage Against Children & Families In Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa

Lighthouse Global Founder, Paul Waugh, has been attacked by white residents, forced from his home and had his life under threat for feeding starving children & their families.

This is just the latest in a life-long trend in Paul’s life where he, and many others who support victims of abuse are lied about and slandered by the perpetrators, to hide their own crimes.

This site will expose and hold those perpetrators accountable to the public and global press. We want to support the right people and businesses in Nieu-Bethesda, we pray for their reform and regeneration.


Intimidation, Threats & Harassment of Any New Residents & Visitors Who Try To Feed The Starving Local Children

Residents Told Not To Feed The Children

“I’ve never had someone tell me not to feed a starving person in my whole life. Not in the most racist of Africa, not in the old South Africa, not in the most racist towns, I’ve never had someone tell me don’t feed that starving child, don’t feed that starving family.”

Paul Waugh

CEO, Lighthouse Global

As Our Lord Commands… 

But whosoever shall cause one of these little ones who believe in Me to fall. It were better for him that a millstone were hung about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. 

Matthew 18:6

Local Van Heerden Family Reported To Police For Harassment & Stalking

Peet, Elbie, Niki Van Heerdan family

From left to right, Niki, Peet and Elbé van Heerden of Nieu-Bethesda reported for harassment to

the South African Police.

We want to support the right people and businesses in Nieu-Bethesda, we pray for their reform and regeneration.

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Charles King, Owner of Athol Fugard’s House in Nieu-Bethesda, Joins Smear Campaign to Stop Children Being Fed If the nature of human experience changes with the color of a man's skin, then the racists have been right all along. - Athol Fugard   Paul Waugh of...

Exposing The Hateful Individuals Who Support Starvation & Racism Against Children In Nieu-Bethesda

Exposing the hateful individuals in Nieu Bethesda who support and justify racism and starvation of local children.

Media24’s Shameful Association With Racist Atrocities Through Elbé van Heerden

How Lighthouse Global Founder Paul Waugh is being maliciously slandered and harassed by Peet, Niki & Elbe van Heerdan after giving food to starving local children and their parents from the black and coloured community in the South African village of Nieu-Bethesda.

Niki van Heerden’s Racist Conduct Reported To Her Employers, Superside

Niki van Heerden’s racist conduct reported to her employer, Superside. In order to hold her accountable and pray for her to stop and reform.

Paul Waugh Exposes Harassment & Racial Segregation in Nieu-Bethesda to South African Police

How Lighthouse Global CEO Paul Waugh is being slandered & harassed by Peet, Niki & Elbe van Heerdan after giving food to starving children in Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa.

25 Years of Professional Studies Expose Poverty & Racism In Nieu-Bethesda…

Better Treatment From Tourists!

“A comment which was frequently made by Black people when discussing tourists to the village, was that the tourists usually treat Black people with greater respect than the White people with whom they had formerly interacted. Several informants told me that they were amazed when their temporary employers introduced themselves by their first names and requested that they should not be addressed as ‘Baas’ or ‘Miesies’. .”

Janet M. Sandell

Disenfranchised, Disempowered & Hopeless

“Findings show that there are limited local economic multipliers in the village and limited involvement and benefits from tourism for Pienaarsig residents. Unemployment and welfare dependency are high and social issues such as alcoholism, rape and domestic violence are concerning. The community is divided along race and socio-economic lines and racism is present in some community interactions. The Pienaarsig community largely feels disenfranchised, disempowered and hopeless.”

P. M. Irvine

Increasing Divides

“Thus while it is generally agreed that the interest in the Owl House has revitalised an economically ailing village, this is yet another instance of the existing and already profound differentiation between the Black and White sections of the population in Nieu Bethesda being increased rather than diminished.”

Janet M. Sandell

NG Kerk, Dutch Reformed Church Excludes Non-White People 

The NG Kerk / Dutch Reformed Church with seats for up to 700 outrageously mentions on a local tourism site that:


“This church still hopes to be completely full again one day”

What this really means is, ‘full of white people’ as white residents fiercely impose a whites only worship policy for 15-20 villagers that attend its services.

Meanwhile, hundreds of non-white families, children and the elderly are being left outside in the scorching sun or pouring rain, unable to fit into another, much smaller NGK they are allowed to worship in.

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