Paul Waugh Exposes Harassment, Stalking, Slandering & Racial Segregation by Peet, Elbé and Niki van Heerden of Nieu-Bethesda to the South African Police.

From left to right: Niki van Heerdan, Peet van Heerdan, Elbé van Heerdan

In This Exposé We Will Present…

  • How Lighthouse Global Founder Paul Waugh is being attacked for giving food to starving local black and coloured (an official ethnic term and group in South Africa) children and their parents Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa.
  • These attacks come from local white residents trying to maintain a seeming ‘last outpost of apartheid’.
  • A report detailing the harassment has been filed with Colonel Mpanza and Colonel Abrahams of the Graaff-Reinet Police against the local van Heerden family.
  • Mr Waugh and Lighthouse Global are exposing an chronic trend of being viciously attacked by abusers for helping vulnerable victims of abuse in many forms.
  • Lighthouse Global is building a global groundswell of supporters and inviting the world’s media to visit Nieu-Bethesda to expose these crimes.

Attacked for Standing Up to White Oppressors

in Nieu-Bethesda: The Last Outpost of Apartheid

“Don’t feed the children”.

This is a sign some local guesthouses in Nieu-Bethesda. A warning to visitors to not feed the non-white children from a neighbouring town.

Less than two weeks from arriving in Nieu-Bethesda, this is one of many instances of horrifying racism and child abuse Paul Waugh witnessed. He had never seen such oppression in even the apartheid-era Durban of his childhood. In response to this travesty, Mr Waugh has sought to find ways to feed and educate the children and parents of the local non-white community.

“I’ve never had someone tell me not to feed a starving person in my whole life. Not in the most racist Africa, not in the old South Africa, not in the most racist towns, I never had someone tell me don’t feed that starving child, don’t feed that starving family.” – Paul Waugh

Paul Waugh has found himself being attacked once again for his attempts to help the vulnerable and those being oppressed by the perpetrators of abuse. 

Packing his belongings into a car by torchlight, he along with his two dogs and fellow Lighthouse Director, Chris Nash, left urgently in the middle of the night to avoid waiting any longer and facing potentially dire or even tragic consequences to them remaining. Notice had come that tensions were intensifying not just amongst the white supremacist residents, but also some of the non-white townspeople too, who were afraid for the impact Mr Waugh’s stand would have on their employment by white residents.

Below is the police report from Paul Waugh reporting three members of the van Heerden family for harassment that he has sent to Colonel Mpanza and Colonel Abrahams of the South African Police Service, at nearby Graaff-Reinet.

Police Report of Harassment, Stalking, Slander and Defamation in Nieu-Bethesda by Peet, Elbe and Niki van Heerden


I am reporting Elbé, Niki and Peet van Heerden of Nieu-Bethesda for harassment through persistent systematic stalking of myself and my staff as well as for slander and defamation. They have been spreading malicious falsehoods in order to try and stop me from feeding the local community in Nieu-Bethesda who are in desperate need. 

Below you will find details of what has happened. Please contact me where you require any further information. 

I would like to make it known here that I will be taking certain action in relation to this situation, including reporting this to yourselves the South African police service of Graaf-Reinet.

1. I am inviting the National and international media to cover this horrific situation.

2. My company Lighthouse Global will be putting together the decades of atrocities, which go well beyond what I am writing here, on a website specifically dedicated to the Atrocities of Nieu-Bethesda.

3. I will also be starting a feeding program and school supply program for the Nieu-Bethesda community which will include 3 meals a day and anything they need for educational purposes. 

4. I will also be sending this directly to Cyril Ramaphosa who is personally known to me from the days of NUM.


– I arrived 9th January 2024 to *** ********** ***** (***** ******* *****), ******** Street, Nieu-Bethesda in order to take occupancy for a year in order to write a book on business leadership.

– When myself and Chris Nash arrived we met several of the town members. Three of them were from the van Heerden family. Peet the father, and two of his daughters, Elbé and Niki.

– In the first week and a half of being here I noticed extreme poverty in the local township Pienaarsig. I heard that there were notices in some of the Nieu-Bethesda guest houses requesting that people do not feed the children which I was very surprised by to say the least!

– Seeing the poverty around me I couldn’t not reach out and give some of the locals some of the basics like bread, sanitation, some protein in the form of chicken and I spent a substantial amount of money doing so.

– It was after me having helped several people with something to eat that Elbé van Heerden asked me politely not to feed the locals because I do not know how it works here. She told me I am not from here and I am causing a problem for the locals.

– These requests from Elbé became more urgent, intense and aggressive. She started manically shouting, “Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!” to the point where I had to ask her to leave my home.

– I have now done some research online in relation to Nieu-Bethesda and I have found numerous shocking pieces by global media outlets such as the Guardian about the segregation and the strong remnant of apartheid South Africa that still exists here. To my disgust and utter amazement my experience shows that this still exists. Even growing up here in apartheid South Africa I did not experience anything as bad as this. Here is one example The Guardian – Battles of apartheid still rage

– I have also noticed that there is no legislative body, no local counsel or mayor, just these families dominating these people… Apparently Peet van Heerden is the unofficial Mayor, or so goes the boast. 

– This is not the first time I have been harassed, bullied and threatened for helping people in the past. Earlier in my life when I helped prostitutes get out of prostitution I was attacked by their pimps in Durban.

– When I have helped women who have been beaten up by the husbands/boyfriends I would be attacked by the male partner and his friends.

– I recently helped certain people through a fraternity called Lighthouse International Group which mentors, coaches and counsels people to get out of abusive families, some of them sexually abusive families. It is here that I was initially brutally attacked anonymously online through Reddit and other platforms.

– Through putting these people into support groups to help each other I was accused of being a cult leader by these people and the press who thought it was a good sensationalised story. I have had issues with the BBC and tabloid newspapers in relation to this which I am now challenging publicly and winning through David vs Goliath

– After many threats from Elbé, Niki and Peet they asked me for my surname. After looking online (I had already told them about all this harassment from the press and others in detail) they, when realising that I was continuing to feed these starving children and their parents, decided against their better judgement to demonise me to the entire village by spreading slanderous and defamatory falsehoods.

– They decided to slander me and defame me in the form of calling me a fugitive trying to escape the law and so coming to Nieu-Bethesda in order to hide. If I was a fugitive trying to hide I would never have come to a small town, made myself known by my full name to many of those living here while also sharing with them in depth the maliciously false accusations that have been made against me by the global media and the parents who who have abused their, now adult, children. 

I encourage you to investigate through the South African Police Service, Interpol, Scotland Yard and any other body globally as to just how false these accusations are. In fact it is the people who have attacked me online who are being arrested by the police. There have been over 30 cases to date. I have not had not even one policeman approach me anywhere globally about any of these accusations or even one lawyer’s letter in relation to any of it. The UK police were so dismissive of these maliciously false accusations against me that they didn’t even question me at all in relation to any of it. 

– I wish to lay a charge against all three of these parties (Elbé van Heerden, Niki van Heerden, Peet van Heerden) so that justice may be done and that I may continue my good work in Nieu-Bethesda of not only feeding these people but helping them with their education and job creation through my immense contacts throughout the world.

– One disturbing sight that I witnessed was a group of young girls selling small items/trinkets to visitors here. These girls were aggressively kicked off the street, citing that they had no right to sell their wares in Nieu-Bethesda. They were starving and were trying to sell a few items to feed them and their family.

– I also found it extremely concerning that wherever I went in Nieu-Bethesda to help the poor that Elbé would know within minutes exactly what I had done, where I had been, who I had spoken to and what I had spent. She knew my whereabouts, my location at every time and did not hesitate to let me know that. This stalking must be stopped.

– On Tuesday 23rd January 2024, ***** *** ******** who works in ** ****** was stalked and targeted by Elbé while shopping in Pick n Pay in Graaff-Reinet and was told in no uncertain terms that he should quit his employment with me when he has no other meaningful source of income. He felt extremely threatened and was scared by her harassing him in this way and he felt he had to lie saying he didn’t work for me when he indeed does. 

– On the following morning ****** (who is connected with Elbé and works in *** ***** ******) approached my domestic manager ***** ******* and started enquiring whether she worked for me and whether she intended to continue.

– That these falsehoods have been spread by Elbé, Niki and Peet has been reported to us by several parties in cafés, shops and locations around Nieu-Bethesda who were very concerned about my good work with the extremely vulnerable people of Nieu-Bethesda being compromised as well as my personal safety and future in Nieu-Bethesda.

I would also like to say that there will be no protests, peaceful or otherwise. The above will be more than sufficient. 

I thank you for your due consideration of this very disturbing case and I thank you for your service in advance.

Paul Stephen Waugh

Peet van Heerden – Previously Found With Unlicensed Ammunition For Assault Rifles

As you can see, Peet van Heerden was not only involved in trying to harass and intimidate Paul Waugh, but he has a history of possessing unlicensed ammunition in his home. Why would Mr van Heerden need such a collection of bullets for R1 and R4 assault rifles? We do not know what he has been involved with in the past, but this is highly unusual for a resident of a small town. 

“I do not believe people starve children in a time like this, a time of media, a time of the so-called new South Africa” – Paul Waugh

We are Christians at Lighthouse and we know to expect persecution for righteousness’ sake. However, we had no idea that persecution and hatred would come when we tried to help vulnerable children and adults!

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” – James 1:27 

What Paul is experiencing first hand in Nieu Bethesda is not an isolated incident. In the UK, USA and parts of Africa we are seeing every day how much child abuse, child trafficking and child exploitation is being exposed yet very little done to hold the culprits accountable.

Nothing speaks like the power of the collective. Alone we are weak but united we are strong.

Register your details below to be part of the Global groundswell uniting millions of people to use our skills, resources, time and care to hold this tyranny accountable, starting in Nieu Bethesda.

Share this post with one person you believe cares about the safety of our children. We need as many good caring people to hear about this. We are not looking for handouts but rather the time and care of individuals.

We are also inviting the world’s media to visit Nieu-Bethesda and witness for themselves the atrocities that are happening, and to support the creation of local soup kitchens, school supply programmes and more. We are ensuring this story gets out to the world and that the atrocious and despicable truth of the events here is known worldwide.

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