Niki van Heerden – Employee of Superside

In This Post You Will Learn:

  • Why we have a moral and ethical responsibility to inform and work with employers to help reform the characters of those who are provably seeking to abuse and oppress others.
  • The importance of building a global groundswell of conscience-driven people and organisations to help malevolent characters to repent, regenerate and atone for their evil acts.

Professionally speaking, Niki van Heerden is a Graphic Designer at the creative subscription service, Superside. Outside of work, however, Niki van Heerden and her family are at the centre of maintaining the last outpost of South African apartheid in Nieu-Bethesda. 

For personal, professional, moral and ethical reasons we at Lighthouse Global took the decision to inform the three Co-Founders of Superside about Niki van Heerden’s character and conduct that is unwittingly and ignorantly being supported by the company. Below is the email sent to Superside Co-Founders Fredrik Thomassen (CEO), Haakon Heir (COO) and Jing Kjeldsen (CTO).

Superside Made Aware of Employee’s Racist Character and  Conduct

RE: Racist Character & Conduct of Superside Employee Niki van Heerden

Dear Fredrik, Haakon and Jing

I am writing to you regarding a human atrocity involving one of your employees at Superside, Niki van Heerden, who is a Graphic Designer based in Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa. I am writing to you on a personal, professional, moral and ethical basis. 

Until recently our Founder and CEO Paul Waugh and Chris Nash were residing in the same village as Niki van Heerden. The intention being for them both to write a book on business leadership and to heal from the effects of a relentless smear campaign against them and our business, Lighthouse Global, that has now lasted 3 years. 

However, what Paul Waugh and Chris Nash have discovered in Nieu Bethesda can only be described as the last outpost of South African apartheid, 30 years after South Africa became a democratic state. 

The reason why I am bringing this to your attention is that Niki van Heerden and her family are responsible for enforcing racist tyranny on a local black and coloured (an official ethnic term and group in South Africa) community by actively trying to destroy Paul’s attempts to feed starving children and their parents there. To bring an end to these heinous acts of oppression we are now inviting the global media to shine the spotlight on these atrocities. We will also be featuring the employers who support those actively seeking to sabotage our efforts to ensure starving children are fed. Therefore Niki van Heerden has foolishly decided to associate Superside with the sustained acts of racism and oppression in Nieu-Bethesda.

As responsible, compassionate human beings and Christians, Paul Waugh and Chris Nash have sought to help the local population with setting up solutions to feed and to educate the local non-white population. This is something which the van Heerden family has neglected to do in decades as the self and mutually proclaimed ‘unofficial authority’ in Nieu-Bethseda, with Peet van Heerden being the ‘unofficial mayor’.

However in his efforts to help, Paul Waugh has found himself harassed, slandered and defamed by Niki van Heerden and other members of her family. They have spread lies that Paul Waugh is a fugitive on the run, which is completely false. As an innocent man, Paul Waugh has through his thorough, fact-based police report (presented publicly here), invited the South African police to check the records of every criminal justice organisation globally in order to clear him of these malicious falsehoods now being spread by Ms van Heerden and her family. 

Paul Waugh has discovered that it is the modus operandi for this group of white oppressors (including Niki van Heerden) to defame and chase out any person seeking to make a difference to the local non-white community. They have succeeded in the past with the case of several people over the years. 

The harassment and attacks Paul Waugh is experiencing from the likes of Niki van Heerden is a common trend in his life. Since his early childhood, he has been attacked for helping those who have been abused and bullied, by the perpetrators of abuse. This trend is at the centre of the smear campaign against Lighthouse Global that Niki van Heerden and her family have used to demonise and deceive, as part of their attempts to discredit his efforts to ensure starving children are fed. In fact, tensions in the village over Mr Waugh’s stand against the oppression of the van Heerdens and others grew in intensity so much that, following warnings of a real and increasing threat to his life and property, Mr Waugh was forced to leave Nieu-Bethesda with haste. He and fellow Lighthouse Director, Chris Nash, suddenly vacated their residence in the middle of the night to avoid any potentially dire or even tragic consequences by further delay.

However, what Niki van Heerden and her family will soon be learning is that the atrocity in Nieu-Bethesda will now be made known globally, online and through the mass media. This is part of the David vs Goliath Showdown we are launching to hold those spreading lies about us accountable to their malicious falsehoods. 

We see that Ms van Heerden’s character and actions are in complete contradiction to the diverse community Superside is seeking to build in its workforce. She does not reflect Superside’s values of being kind, seeking the truth and the need to solve local problems. To make this point very clear, if any of you saw a starving child, would you feed them or would you put up signs to tell others not to feed them (as has been the case with local guest houses in Nieu-Bethesda) and attack those who do? 

We appreciate this email is extremely inconvenient for you as business owners, but we appeal to your conscience and hope that we can work with you to reform the character of Niki van Heerden, her family and to work with our groundswell to regenerate the oppressed majority of Nieu-Bethseda. 

Ideally we would like you to be part of the solution rather than to scapegoat you for realities that were hidden from you until now. I am also informing you it will be made public that we have enlightened you of Niki van Heerden’s character and conduct so you can no longer be ignorant of the lifestyle and tyranny you have indirectly, unwittingly and ignorantly been supporting. It stands to reason that the court of public opinion will judge your organisation based on the actions you do or do not take from here. 

Ultimately we pray and hope for the best outcome for the people of Nieu-Bethesda regardless of your involvement in addressing this matter of protecting the human rights and dignity of the vulnerable.  

Yours sincerely  

Kris Deichler 

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. – Proverbs 31:8-9

Building a groundswell of people globally to stand up to tyranny

There are evil people who continue to harass and oppress the vulnerable whilst presenting themselves in a completely different light to their employers who are none the wiser to what their employment of these individuals is supporting. 

This is the consequence of seeing evil and doing nothing, which is actually evil in itself. We all have a responsibility to call out atrocities when we see them take place. We can’t stand up to tyranny by ourselves and  this is why we are earnestly building a global groundswell of responsible human beings seeking to develop their characters whilst helping others to do the same, so we never have to say no to the most vulnerable members of our human family in need, when we ought to say yes.

Register below to learn more about standing up to tyranny; whether it’s racist oppression in Nieu-Bethesda or standing up to the abuse of the legacy media attacking those seeking to help others. This is not about vengeance, this is about truth and justice. As Christians at Lighthouse Global, we’re seeking repentance, regeneration and atonement.

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