PRESS RELEASE –The Last Outpost of Apartheid: Decades of Atrocities In Nieu-Bethesda Being Uncovered

Appalling New Discoveries By Lighthouse Global Founder & UK/South African Businessman, Paul Waugh.


  • “This is the last outpost of apartheid in South Africa!” – Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Global

  • Paul Waugh (Lighthouse Global Founder) is being maliciously slandered and harassed after giving food to starving local children

  • Any opposition to racial segregation and oppression in Nieu-Bethesda is being met with strong and coordinated intimidation and harassment

  • Mr Waugh and Lighthouse Global are exposing a common trend: that giving aid and support to those being oppressed results in vicious attacks. 

  • A police report for harassment has been filed to Colonel Mpanza and Colonel Abrahams of the Graaff Reinet Police against the local van Heerden family

  • Lighthouse Global are building a global groundswell and inviting the world’s media to contact us for more information and to visit Nieu Bethesda to witness the atrocities themselves 

For Immediate Release

A strong and highly oppressive remnant of apartheid culture still remains in the remote Karoo village of Nieu-Bethesda, nearly 20 years on from a 2005 Guardian Newspaper article, resulting in family starvation and extreme poverty being reinforced on a racial basis.

Non-white residents of Nieu Bethesda’s township extension, Pienaarsig, including many children, are starving, malnourished and being left to try and survive on basic bread made with flour and sugar. 

Any opposition to the racial segregation and oppression imposed by white residents is being met with strong and coordinated levels of intimidation and harassment by them. Even local guest houses have warning signs on their doors saying, “Do not feed the children” referring to those from the township.

A website has now been set up to expose this situation in a village that was once the home of Athol Fugard, the renowned anti-apartheid playwright. (link).

“Nieu Bethesda seemed to embody the imagination and creativity of a South Africa reborn after apartheid. But now another South Africa, one of poverty and inequality, has crashed into it, exposing segregation, racial tension and government neglect.” Rory Carroll, The Guardian

Lighthouse Global Founder, Paul Waugh, while a resident in the village, was almost immediately slandered and harassed by white residents trying to intimidate and force him out of town because he is helping to feed the starving township children and their families in a bid to better their living conditions. 

It is the latest in a lifetime of hateful attacks against Mr Waugh who has been consistently character assaulted, defamed, and even physically attacked every time he has helped the vulnerable, children and those being abused by people around them, especially when their abusers are their parents.. 

As part of this ongoing trend in his life, Mr Waugh is still fighting malicious and false attacks against his character in the UK media, as well as a corruptly triggered government agency investigation against Lighthouse, precisely because their work helps young adults to get out of toxic and abusive families and build better, healthier lives. Mr Waugh has been very tellingly ignored by the UK press in his public calls for a live and real-time interview on this matter. 

Mr Waugh, who had to suddenly leave the village due to warnings of growing tensions and a potential threat to his life, has filed a police report to Colonel Mpanza and Colonel Abrahams of the Graaff Reinet Police Force (view the police report here) against the main proponents upholding the worse than apartheid conditions for their harassment and stalking, namely: 

  • Peet van Heerden
  • Elbé van Heerden
  • Niki van Heerden

Despite being threatened, Mr Waugh has not stopped supporting the children and residents of the township. Despite being slandered around the village as a “criminal” and “fugitive”, all malicious and false sensationalised media claims for which there is no evidence. Mr Waugh has not received one call or visit from police or one lawyer’s letter in relation to any of these maliciously false allegations, from the media or their sources, because they are not true. 

Peet, Elbé and Niki Van Heerden are members of the NG Kerk / Dutch Reformed Church with seats for “up to 700 souls” of which a local tourism site says, “this church still hopes to be completely full again one day”. What this really means is ‘full of white people’ as white residents fiercely impose a whites only worship policy for the twenty odd villagers who attend its services. 

Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away there is another non-white NG Kerk overflowing, where hundreds of non-white families, children and the elderly are being left outside in the scorching sun or pouring rain, unable to fit inside. 

“This is the last outpost of apartheid in South Africa,” said Mr Waugh “I have never seen anything like it, it is worse than the days of apartheid itself.” 

Mr Waugh, known personally to Cyril Ramaphosa from the days of NUM, is now campaigning for justice to be brought to the villagers of Nieu Bethesda. 

Lighthouse Global has a global Groundswell campaign bringing Christians and truth-loving, good-hearted people together worldwide to stand against acts of tyranny and oppression by powerful groups and organisations on the everyday man and woman. This mission certainly applies in Nieu-Bethesda, where the goal is to create solutions and bring about regeneration to the area, as well as to inspire the repentance and penance of those committing these terrible crimes against humanity. 

Mr Waugh encourages the South African and global press / media to visit Nieu Bethesda to witness the atrocities that are happening themselves and to help support the creation of local soup kitchens, school supply programmes and more. This story needs to get out to the world and reveal the atrocious and despicable truth of what’s happening in Nieu Bethesda, which is soon to be known worldwide.  


For media enquiries or interviews, please contact: kris (dot) deichler (at) lig (dot) global

Name: Kris Deichler

Email: kris (dot) deichler (at) lig (dot) global

Notes To The Editors

Mr Waugh and Lighthouse Global are exposing a common theme that the more someone or one group chooses to give aid and support to those being suppressed and controlled to help improve their lives, the more they will be viciously attacked by their oppressors.

The David Vs Goliath programme ( and global Groundswell community that Mr Waugh and Lighthouse Global have initiated is an opportunity for the everyday man and/or woman to hold large and/or oppressive groups, organisations and institutions, especially in the media, publicly accountable to mass global audiences.

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